Thursday, August 6, 2009

Video slide show

Dear Blog,
Here's a video slide show that I just dug out of the video storage cupboard. It's a rarely seen video from 2007. The music is by Cosmic Love Child and here is a chance to click to their myspace page to hear what else they are doing. This click is officially recommend by "Brad Nack"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Worth sharing.

Coming up in the next post, stay tuned for The Andy Summers photography review. The Michael W. Barnard sketchbook review and the Miro vs. Shag art comparison. I may even add in a photo or two.

I was noticing that the sun is setting much earlier here in California and that means we are now moving away from the long days of summer. This brings me to an interesting point, because this is where I would, normally, start writing about the paintings I am working on, something like this..
"Oh the sun is setting sooner and I still haven't finished the Reindeer paintings, bla, bla, bla."

But really one can only talk about the state of one's art project so many times without driving everyone crazy. So, I am changing things up a little bit.

It is more an adjustment than anything else, but, now I am going to add some links that I think are worth sharing, and I will also add in some thoughts and comments and photos.

This will be a break for me from painting reindeer, and also from talking about or writing about painting reindeer.


All this coming next post! Probably Tuesday.

PS. Just to keep current...I painted Reindeer today.