Wednesday, June 24, 2009

donuts and coffee extreme work out clip

Hilarious donuts and coffee extreme work out clip. Created for maximum success. It's a "must see" for Artist, Playwrights, Filmmakers, Novelists, Songwriters, and Poets. Includes, basic training and motivation skills AND Coach Goodvin's patented "What's your problem?" approach to maximize your production and skills! It's all you need to find yourself in shape and shaping up! Follow along as Coach Goodvin trains Brad Nack (noted for creating the world largest collection of Reindeer Paintings) he pushes Nack to be the edge and beyond in this take no prisoners EXTREME WORKOUT CLIP.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A break from the the city (Santa Barbara) by going to LA,

On Saturday, I went to the Silver Lake Art and Craft market, where I was a vendor, of sorts. Actually, I was maybe the only person to ever, go to an Art Market anywhere, ever in the whole world, and pay the fee, and select my location and set up my table and not bring or try to sell anything. AND I was absolutely happy with the out come.

First off, it was June 13th and somewhat cold, then it even started to rain, so it made for a nice bleak LA day. Eventually, it cleared up, but at first it was even a little Leytonstonish. Anyway, my thing was to just hang out and paint and get a break from the the city (Santa Barbara) by going to LA, I know what you are thinking, but my life in Santa Barbara is pretty hectic, and well in LA, I usually am not equipped with a computer, or cell phone, and also, I try to go there on the week-ends, Sunday is like a quiet stay home day in LA, where as Santa Barbara is non-stop. So, it was a relaxing day, I was able to work on about 30 paintings, Scooter, our Dachshund came down, did some hardcore sleeping, and occasionally looked over as I was painting. I met fellow vendors, Margarette, Mark, Gene and Tracy sister of Fiora, the Ghettoglosser in charge.

And to top it off, Colleen, from the very cool stopped by.

As the morning progressed, I did start to feel a little hungry, so I checked the clock in the car, oops, it's almost 4PM and I've got pressing business back in Santa Barbara at 6:30PM. So, a few quick "See you next weeks," and I find myself racing up the coast. Still haven't slept, and there's a party starting tonight at 3AM so I gotta grab a shower and go. Santa Barbara, the city that forgot how to sleep!

Meanwhile I liked this (a lot), if you would, please, click below.

Thanks, Brad-

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whatever you do don't ...!

My blog has only 16 followers, that is somewhat sad, but also, sort of cool. Whatever you do don't go there...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Deal with the logistics later.

The best way to handle a large scale art project is to, 1st start, and then figure out how to deal with the logistics later. 
When painting with oil, the paint needs to dry over a few weeks or so, therefore storage becomes an issue. On this project, even though the pieces are small, 2,000+ pieces take up more room than most of us have, like 40 by 40 feet. 
So, I was painting and trying to decide how to make a storage system. One idea was to get sheets of cardboard and cut them into manageable sizes, then apply foam to the edges and stack them one on top of the other. This seemed like a lot of work as, I realized I would need about 100 of these. That's a lot of cardboard to cut and a lot of foam to glue. 
Anyway, I was over at my dad's and and he was painting and I looked at the canvas he was holding, I thought, I could build something just like that, about 2X3 feet. It would be perfect, then as some minutes passes, it came to me that I could buy the canvas pre-made. So, I called my supplier and one week later I had 85, 2X3 foot canvas's that I am using for storage. 
Look for new Brad Nack art in the 2X3 foot range coming 2010 and 2011.
(photo Credit: Adam Brown)