Sunday, May 10, 2009

This group of paintings are going to be amazing!

The thing is, just to keep going. At one point recently, like 2 weeks ago, I thought that painting Reindeer was really stupid. However, I also knew that I was going to think that, so when it happened I was able to immediately get past it. I seriously was able to think, well I knew this was coming, I knew it from the beginning, since way back in January when I started this project, and I just moved past it. Unfortunately, I moved instead to thinking my whole life was sort of a waste of time. I also know this must happen to most of us at some point, so I was glad it happened when I was in Tahiti. 

Tahiti was good, I set up a studio on a surfboard under a tree house and I got to hang out with my friends Frankey and Stewy, who I met in the graveyard in Mundaka Spain (where a bunch of castaway surfers were camping) back in 1978.  We caught some good waves back then, and we caught some good waves on this trip too. 

So, I was able to move past some self doubt and keep going, which is the point of this post. Nice as it seems, I do know that I am really going to struggle with this from time to time, but tonight I actually think this group of paintings are going to be amazing!

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  1. its like a whole drama/sitcom in three paragraphs, fantastic. more power to yr elbow mr nack