Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I sold reindeer #881 as a Pre-Sale to a hip LA collector, that saw what he needed to see even reckoning with the unfinished state of the piece. Some people, they got it, and they are usually the ones who "get it."Well, that's 2 down 2,007 to go...check back soon. 


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  1. hey brad....having just met you last night, was interested in seeing your work....which is BEAUTIFUL!....and i love the "being prolific" idea, having just composed/recorded more than 53 short piano pieces in 40 days...i agree that it is a good and salutary thing to produce a high volume of work....thanks for validating my own recent bburst of creativity....AND thanks for being kind enough, lasr night, to help me find me car....i prize and cherish kindness gentleness, and consideration above all things in another human being....and you struck me last night as being all three: gentle, kind, and considerate....best....patrick wells lindley