Friday, July 31, 2009

Music and painting.

I like to listen to music or The Moth or This American Life, (both are great) while I paint and also, while I sleep, headphones!

Empire of the Sun.

Anyway, there is a lot going on right now, first, I am cropping photos, one of which I am going to post here, and also I am listening to Annie Mac's Mashup on BBC 1, which is an earful (in a good way) - she started out the evening with the "tansque" Empire of the Sun, perhaps the most fun, favorite band that I am listening to in 2009.

Actually, there really isn't that much going on, but Annie Mac's program is like listening to 10 stations at once and then trying to think and type, and well, try it for yourself. It is best super late at night or early in the extra super early in the morning.

Brad Nack' 100% Reindeer Art Preview (unfinished).
It is officially the last day of July and today I took photos of all 2,009 reindeer paintings.


Later, I went to a really fun art show, a Surfrider Foundation benefit at The Latitude Gallery in Santa Barbara, I think anyone who is trying to keep beaches clean and protected is doing good work in my book! Check out the Santa Barbara Chapter by clicking above.



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