Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the Metropolitan Museum seems like a good idea.

Reindeer paintings at the Metropolitan.

It had to happen, some old photo of a hand (perhaps connected to yours truly) looking for validation in an institution. 

The truth is, it was me, I actually had to deliver 6 paintings to the Frank J. Melie Gallery (1086 Madison Avenue) however, they were out for the afternoon, so I was stuck with a couple hours to kill. It was cold, and a walk down the street to the Metropolitan Museum seems like a good idea. It was only then, that I found myself in an well know art location with, by chance, a bag full of my paintings. Then the delightful Tara, my associate in crime, suggested a photo op. She's full of ideas, like me painting 2,009 Reindeer this year. 

Needless to say, showing my art at the Met was no big deal, if I remember correctly, the guard that eventually asked us to "stop with the photos" could barely bother to walk across the room. Well this all happened a few years back and currently I have more pressing business to attend to. 


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