Saturday, February 14, 2009

An extreme venture into the world of art video.

Today is more Reindeer work, and it's Valentines day too. Tara and I took Scooter, our dachshund on 3 walks today and I also managed to start another 112 canvases, plus we watched a few episodes of Alfred Hitchcock's television show. 

Also, I was able to finish the script to a music video for Indy Sagu who is a really cool musician with a new album out now. I am taking this one side project to do a video for one of his songs this year. Actually, I am very excited to make this video. 

Speaking of video, Tara just showed me a great video that she produced and edited and was also director of. It was a wonderful surprise and an extreme venture into the world of art video. It was a feature that focused on the plight of the world economic situation by hovering above me, close up on my mouth as I both slept and snored. Copies available here, $29.99. Duration 00:33.

Well, back to work.



  1. Ok. Brad I voted yes because I KNOW you can do this. Yes, our chao-autism leaves us working on many things at once . . .but we also are willing to take on big projects & dreams, take risks, work hard, have amazing fun & fulfill our life dreams! You can still get distracted for a few hours . . .doing inspiring things and then come back and paint!
    You need to birth those reindeers Buddy! #2009 is MINE :)!
    " be your name Buxbaum, Bixby, or [BRAD], :) or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O'Shea, your off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss. Oh and I was just thinking how cool it would be to have different catergories of Reindeer personas to keep the large #s even more interesting . . ."the Jack Nicholoson Reindeer, the Mick Jagger Reindeer, the Obama Reindeer . . . Ok now I am getting too into this and this is your project!
    I have to recreate the scene with 2000 small doors (all hand painted) on a small scale for my boys because they are sooooo into Pixar's monsters . . . yes I am recreating the whole scream factory. You wouldn't believe how many electric tie racks I bought off of ebay to keep that factory moving :)! Hey and I am no artiste! I have to get it done by next Christmas . . . so our race is on :) Take care Brad & I am excited for you! :) Darla Allen (and Gary will be too when he wakes from his DEEP SNORING SLUMBER!

  2. Sorry I had to post that as anonymous . . .I wasn't signed up yet! Darla