Monday, July 27, 2009

Breakthrough moment. First Reindeer finished #1,957.

Reindeer # 1,957. The first Reindeer finished for 2009. Moody, Dark and Brooding.

I think I had a breakthrough moment when a "mysterious" and unnamed associate came to the studio to look at the 100% Reindeer Art Show in progress. Now, I do need to say that, I really respect this individual's thoughts and perspective on art so I was interested and all ears.

The verdict was that the paintings are finished, all 2,009, which is possibly very good news.

I am going to assess the show and continue to work on the pieces, however, I think I am further along then I might have thought.

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  1. It was Scooter wasn't it. i swear that dog is wise beyond his years. come on mate just admit it and move along..