Thursday, January 29, 2009

297 Lbs. of art supplies

On January 28th, the art supplies arrived and now I can get going. These boxes contain over 2,000 small canvases. To see the paintings that are already started please click here.

Today I feel really optimistic about the whole concept of painting all of these images, however, that feeling is not consistent.  I know that having the materials to actually do the work is a big step and that it is an important step, one that makes me feel cautiously sure that this project will move forward to a successful conclusion. 

However, there are a host of challenges that need to be resolved.  For example,  where do all these painting end up being shown? I would be disappointed to paint for a full year and not have a place to actually show the work. I have figured out that I will need a wall that is about 500 feet long. This wall should be in a place that is accessible to people who would like to see the work. I am still less than a month into this project, but the logistics of the show need to move forward now. Actually, they should already set up. 

So, now I feel less optimistic and more stressed out. Big building - Big wall. 

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