Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reflective of the moment.

Yesterday I started to add some line and image to the first batch of reindeer '09. I also realized that to have the entire herd ready for December '09, I need to be finishing up in September. I already knew this, but as I was painting yesterday, I both realized and started to comprehend the reality of doing this. First it seemed simple, then it didn't.

I am going to post some of the new images later today or tomorrow. I was pleased with the progress. It was interesting because I hadn't actually finished cleaning up my work space from last year, and so I pretty much just picked up where I left off last December, or as we say in the art business, "a couple of weeks ago." I try to balance controlling the situation and letting the images develop a life of their own that is why it takes so long to do these pieces.

I was looking forward to 2009 and I still am, however,

this situation as reported in The Independent UK, is obviously something that can influence the mood of an image. I suggest this reindeer (I will post an image after I go to the studio and take a photo) is not a painting about the conflict, or a remedy or even a commentary, but it is, reflective of the moment.

So, more later. Brad-

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