Friday, January 2, 2009

Perhaps, I fool myself?

Today I am re-thinking the idea of actually painting 2,009 paintings. It still seems like a good idea, however, I am also thinking that it may seem like a really bad idea at various points between now and next winter. I think that I will have a series of openings in a number of cities, and an early preview in Oct. So that gives me 10 months. I feel behind already.

I need to paint 6.7 paintings a day, and they each take about 20 hours. That’s 300 days, times 6.7 paintings for a total of 2,009 paintings. Also, 6.7 paintings times 20 hours =137 hours per 6.7 paintings. So, I need 137 hours a day, with no breaks for 300 days to finish by Oct. By the way 300 days times 137 hours = 41,100 hours. Maybe I will need some help. -Brad

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