Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do I fool myself? Part 2


Each painting takes about 20 hours, and 2,009 times 20 equals 40,180 hours, so, should I give up now, or should I keep going?


  1. Brad,

    2009 paintings at $150 per painting = $301,350. I know you do this work for the shear love of sharing your gift with us lucky enough to be included in your community. But the economics look good, especially in a tight economy. I haven't been able to get a painting in the last two years since they go too quickly (especially those that buy two or three each year). I think demand is high enough to support more of your whimsical paintings.

    Mahalo and Mele Kalikimaka,


  2. skip the antlers and you may just make it! i say give a whirl. it is press worthy and my bet it could be national news. the press loves a story like this. if you could donate a portion of the proceeds to a non profit that would deepen the purpose. hope all is well in the bug. tomstanley

  3. Was kidding. That's an impressive agenda. So does the ol' "quality vs. quantity" debate factor in?

    Or can you do both?

  4. I'm not one to encourage people to give up however, I can already feel the stress oozing from your body (which I suppose could have an interesting affect on your work) so I'm going to suggest 209 RD. Just a thought.

    Suzanne Brown
    Reindeer lover

  5. Brad,
    just make 11 paintings this year for your traveling show...
    2009 = 11, it breaks down like this: 20 + 09 = 29, 2 + 9 = 11
    11 is equal to the year 2009
    So make 11 Reindeer Paintings in the dimensions of
    2009. 5 and half feet x 5 and a half feet = 11 square footage total...
    Rey Villalobos

  6. Hey Brad,

    When I look at the small Heard-O-Nack-Reindeer in our living room I sometimes have sudden mood shifts, wild flights of fantasy, and occasional kaleidoscopic images dance in my mind. I often wonder if I'm picking up something that may have been lingering in your mind when you did the painting....scary I know.

    When I think about you painting 2009 reindeer I wonder if you might tap out even your wildly creative mind and find yourself stuck for inspiration on number 1743? Maybe, those of us in your community could help by submitting inspiring thoughts or questions for your creative consideration? Something like:
    “Can reindeer eat black bean soup with chopsticks?”
    “Can you teach me how to dance real slow?” (Yes credit to Don McLean)
    “Do reindeer ever play Jerry Garcia guitar licks when no one else is around?”
    “Do reindeer look at Scooter and wish they were cooler?”
    “If a reindeer did Pilates every day for 6 months how would he look in a Speedo?”
    “What would it be like if puppy farts were colors rather than odors?”
    Knowing some of your friends, we could probably come up with enough to cover the whole 2009.


  7. cool idea brad! maybe you could ask your collectors to loan the pieces they own from prior years to an exhibition and that way try to bring in all the past reindeers under one large herd, also would minimize your work load some...


  8. Brad... Hank just said "2009!!what is he thinking??"

    I think you should stick with the same amount of paintings you have done in the past and have the numbers 2009 hidden in each painting. Increase the price and you will surely create a demand.
    All the best from TULSA.

  9. Speaking as a collector and owner of one of these fine hoof stock renditions I would have to say, why flood the market and devalue my investment? But since I inherited my reindeer and therefore didn't spend a rusty dime, I really cant bitch. Speaking as a fellow starving artist, I say your woosing out maaan, why not 9,002!? THAT would be a challenge and worthy of guiness record interest!!

  10. Hey Brad, Gene here down in ol LA. 20h per painting takes too long! Figure out how to finish 5+ paintings in a day, then go for it! I'll follow yer progress... g

  11. Isnt that four and half years? Maybe the answer to yr question is in the numbers...DT

  12. Couldn't you make miniature paintings? 2009 is still a lot, but maybe if they were tiny it could be done!

    I'm rooting for you, anyway. I love an impossible task! Good luck :)

  13. Hi Brad*I like the idea. Only it seems a bit gimmiky; which isn't necessarily a bad thing. After all the definition states gimmick is an innovative or unusual mechanical contrivance; a gadget. An innovative stratagem or scheme employed especially to promote a project: an advertising gimmick. A significant feature that is obscured, misrepresented, or not readily evident; a catch. Best of luck***Be that be mi amigo!

  14. thats $12.50 an hour, i think...so up the price to 500 bones each, make $25 an hour and become a millionaire, i think...but i'm not sure..and then you'll have enough money to film music videos, all day everyday